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Organic Whole Food Concentrates to Restore Your Body & Life.

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Dr Edwin Travis is a Certified Applied Clinical Nutritionist

Ask for "Nutrition Response Testing" to see which nutrients your body needs & which it doesn't. The "Acoustic Cardiograph" tells us what your Heart needs to work effectively. The "Heart Rate Variability Test" tells us how old your body is physiologically & your Sympathetic/Parasympathetic balance stress handling. With the right nutrition you can handle stress better & Reverse your physiologic age!

Take the Toxicity Survey before you waste money!

Whole body Purification is needed for your nutrients to work properly.

Whole food-based nutrition - just as nature intended.

Support your well-being with all of your favorite Standard Process supplements.

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Call 512-321-4481. We are located on Loop 150 W @ Hwy 71 in the bldg. w/Coffee Dog across from Bassano's restaurant. Remote Consultations available if needed.

Email 512-321-4481